Dundee Renga: March

How to stop stopping
in, holding back, when the sun
seems to want to shine.

A familiar cyclist bristles by,
one layer thinner than last week.

On Victoria Road, two
hazmat-suited men
unload a flat, a life.

When shall we three meet again?
Friday, at last, alfresco.

Debris on the path,
loose fabrics gone astray from
house hunting in the rones.

Washing on the line, t-shirts
flap like prayer flags.

A stiff wind, fine sand grains blown
like rivulets across East Sands beach;
‘saltation’, ordained to leap and dance.

Fragile flickers of candles
become yet beacons for change.

White-throated crocus flowers
wide open, stars in sun and wind
demanding to be seen.

Squirrel bounds on Balgay Bridge,
pauses to admire gorge view.

The sunshine today
is enough to consider
not wearing a hat.

Brightest day lost to vaccine
fatigue mixed with jab of hope.

The road to Kirrie,
stubble side-lit, tawny
as a nip in the glass.

Paddle boarders stripped to waist
rashly, seduced by Spring sun.

Bro’ty Ferry, twin rigs berthed quayside;
twenty thousand ton steel primates:
Rowan Gorilla five and seven.

A walk with two not
from our household; heady excitement.

Sun shines on wind-tossed
washing: may the March morning
be herring gull-free!

A liverish Tay slaps high tide at the new flood wall,
spits at bikes and hard-hatted men.

March out like a lamb?
Hailstones dancing on the lawn,
Then sun erased by rain.

Dundee is full of babies
out to see people.


Kate Armstrong, Fran Baillie, Forbes Browne, Gavin Cruickshank, Erin Farley, WN Herbert, Andy Jackson, Gail Low, Beth McDonough, Peter Marshall, Loretta Mulholland, Lydia Robb, Nikki Robson, Harry Smart

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