Dundee renga for May

Come on, blowy blue May,
cast out these lowering clouds
that set our panes awash.

Alyth Square, cherry blossom
billows over the chippy queue.

Plodding through a sheaf of essays,
a woosh through the half-opened window,
words and papers suddenly airborne.

Stretching from earth to sky, old
ash, last to leaf, first to fall.

First in a lang time:
in a cafe, withoot ma mask on,
eatin an ingan peh.

Cattle sit firmly, ruminating
on rain in all its variations.

Mowers and jet planes
fill skies with harsh buzz and roar.
Bee hum sweetens air.

The city throws wide its doors,
exhales three seasons of stale breath.

Long-awaited lunch,
healthy appetite for friends,
meal incidental.

Wha wid jalouse that a bosie
wid mean so muckle, bit it diz!

First bookshop visit:
disinfectant mingles with booky aroma,
urge to gorge on new titles.

My green list is announced:
Tesco, Mennies, Magdalen Green.

Low sun over water,
silver in the falling
soft rain.

Return from first Tay crossing
to sandbanks bare of selkies.

A neighbour chops at the wet lawn
with a pair of kitchen scissors:
a ragged haircut.

Fisher waits for breakfast bite,
sipping coffee in the car.

Spring has turned its back;
ferns clench furled fists
trying to keep warm.

That hedge-witch, Solomon’s Seal,
offers to heal wounds and breaks.

A copper penny
of a moon pays the fee
of season’s crossing.

Haar lifts to clear summer skies –
insects and swifts claim their domain.


Fran Baillie, Forbes Browne, Erin Farley, WN Herbert, Andy Jackson, Gail Low, Peter Marshall, Rhoda Neville, Ann Prescott, Lydia Robb, Nikki Robson, Annie Rutherford, Harry Smart

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