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Through the Gude & Godlie Ballatis Project, W. N. Herbert and Andy Jackson are exploring Dundee’s literary heritage, in particular the output of the 16th century Wedderburn brothers, James, Robert, and John, as a way of reconsidering the public role of poetry, and reexamining contemporary spiritual and civic values.

At present the Project is running three initiatives: The New Ballads, Postcards from Malthusia and The Dundee Renga.

The Ballads

The New Ballads is a body of commissioned poems responding to the writings of the Wedderburns. [read more]

The Postcards

Postcards from Malthusia is an ongoing poetic response to the Coronavirus Pandemic. [read more]

The Renga

The Dundee Renga is a monthly collaborative poem generated by writers in the Dundee area. [read more]

Recent Posts

Dundee renga for May

Come on, blowy blue May, cast out these lowering clouds that set our panes awash. Alyth Square, cherry blossom billows over the chippy queue. Plodding through a sheaf of essays, a woosh through the half-opened window, words and papers suddenly airborne. Stretching from earth to sky, old ash, last to leaf, first to fall. First … Continue reading Dundee renga for May

Dundee renga for April

April’s the most Easter ly of months: all bright whale clouds and Arctic chitters. The horizon heists its hem up on the Tay. Windblawn wee boats daunce a wattery jig. Hailstones evaporate from a ploughed field: mist shimmies like dry ice and gulls strut their stuff in the grooves. Wren slips in by greenhouse vent, … Continue reading Dundee renga for April

Dundee Renga: March

How to stop stopping in, holding back, when the sun seems to want to shine. A familiar cyclist bristles by, one layer thinner than last week. On Victoria Road, two hazmat-suited men unload a flat, a life. When shall we three meet again? Friday, at last, alfresco. Debris on the path, loose fabrics gone astray … Continue reading Dundee Renga: March